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Our Services

  • Benefits & Insurance Coverage Checks

    Your child’s growth and your family’s training shouldn’t be hindered by administrative tasks. That’s why we handle benefit and insurance coverage checks to ease the burden & to keep you aware of all the services & resources available to your child. Our team goes over the details to ensure your family has the proper coverage and communicates it all so any and all related costs are fully disclosed and clear.
  • ABA Therapy

    Your child’s behavior intervention plan is formulated by your assigned BCBA and is based on the assessment as well as evidence-based research and principles of the learning theory. Our ABA professionals provide one-on-one in-home therapy, under the supervision of the BCBA. Your child’s therapy plan is uniquely customized to them by our dedicated Board Certified practitioner, with specific behavior goals identified. Each session is geared to work towards those goals and build on previously learned skills.
  • Parent & Family Training

    Parents & families are the biggest sources of guidance and support in a child’s life. This is why providing training to the family unit at home is so important. We include the caregivers in the sessions and encourage them to participate in  ABA Therapy. We empower the family to reinforce positive behaviors & newly learned skills at home when our professionals are not present. This inclusive approach has proven to be effective at helping kids learn faster and develop long-lasting skills in an impactful way.
  • IEP Collaboration

    Part of your child’s natural environment is his or her school and their educators play a big role in their day to day life. This is why it is crucial to their growth to include their teachers in their behavior plan implementation. We’ll work with your child’s school and educators to help train and guide them, providing curriculum consultations and working together to enact the right approaches and procedures to help them learn faster.
  • Other Services

    • Functional Skills Acquisition and Social Skills Development 
    • Behavior Care Plans Formulation and Implementation
    • Behavior Reduction and Intervention Strategies 
    • Intensive Behavior and Social Skills Training
    • Activity-Based Learning Methods
    • Training and Education on ABA Principles + Procedures When Working with a Child with Autism
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  • ABA Therapy is Ideal for those Living with the Following:

    Our ABA Therapy Services are effective for children ages 1-15 living with developmental delays including:  Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, a spectrum of symptoms, skills and levels of disability; Children with ASD deal with challenges such as social issues, trouble communicating and interacting with others in a socially positive way; PDD or Pervasive Developmental Disorder, which is characterized by delayed social and communication development; Dual Diagnosis or a presence of both intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health problems; Social Skills Deficits that are common in ASD and include trouble initiating interactions, responding to others, interpreting non-verbal social cues, being able to view another’s perspective, maintaining eye contact and/or sharing enjoyment.