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    In-Home and Center-Based ABA Therapy

    For Your Child

    Helping your child reach his or her full
    potential through one on one ABA Therapy!
  • Welcome to Advanced Autism Services

    We provide In-Home and Center-Based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) services to children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. Our team is comprised of qualified professionals who are passionate about helping children with autism learn and develop important skills such as interpersonal relationship skills, personal hygiene and cleanliness, greater menu integration for children who are limited in their food choices and communication for children who are non-verbal , by reinforcing positive behaviors, all while having fun. We base our practices on evidence-based ABA Therapy research and procedures. We handle insurance benefits + coverage checks and provide caregiver training so you can have a hassle-free experience geared towards impacting your child’s behaviors and quality of life in a positive, meaningful way.
    Homepage Banner

    In-Home and Center-Based ABA Therapy

    For Your Child

    Helping your child reach his or her full
    potential through one on one ABA Therapy!
    • ABA Therapy

      A dedicated ABA therapist will work one-on-one with your child. Each therapy program is uniquely customized to the individual child’s specific needs by a dedicated Board Certified practitioner.

    • Parent & Family Training

      We empower parents & caregivers by teaching them how to reinforce positive behaviors & newly learned skills at home. We involve caregivers so they learn how to respond appropriately when challenges present themselves if we’re not there.

    • BCBA & ABA Therapy Jobs in Arizona and Virginia

      Advanced Autism Services is seeking qualified BCBA’s & ABA Therapy professionals in Arizona and Virginia. Those looking to advance in the ABA Therapy field will find a career-oriented work environment, flexible hours & rewarding work.

    • Benefits & Insurance Coverage Checks

      As a full-service ABA Therapy organization, we handle confirming your benefits & insurance coverage & communicating them with you. We’ll inform you of the services & resources available to your child, along with any related costs that may be associated.

  • FAQ

  • What is needed for my child to be eligible for services?

    • We provide services to children between the ages of 1-15.

    • A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is required from a mental health professional.

      • Fill out a form
      • Expect a call from us
      • Submit Insurance information
      • Schedule an initial assessment

    • We provide in-home ABA Therapy in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

      • Aetna
      • Blue Cross Blue Shield
      • Some Medicaid
      • United Healthcare

  • Our Step by Step Process

    • Benefit Check

      We first confirm your benefits and communicate your coverage with you. We will also help secure pre-authorization for all necessary services where applicable.

    • BCBA Assignment & Care Plan Creation

      We schedule a functional assessment with one of our qualified licensed BCBA’s and you to go over your child’s unique needs. This practitioner will supervise your therapy moving forward .

    • Family Training

      We include you in the ABA Therapy sessions, along with any other caregivers, to ensure everyone is on board with the implementation of the behavior program.

    • Behavior Intervention

      A Behavior Therapist is assigned to work with your child one on one, in your home.




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