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About Advanced Autism Services

  • Advanced Autism Services: Dedicated to your Child’s Growth

    We are passionate about helping children with autism reach their full potential. Our behavior analysts are specialists in the field, having completed Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) approved graduate programs. They are Board Certified Behavior Analysts, some of which hold Master’s degrees in Psychology and a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis.
    Each team member is carefully selected based on their approach, experience, and education. Our highly qualified and passionate staff make the in-home ABA therapy experience a positive one.
  • An All-Encompassing In-Home ABA Therapy Service

    Your child’s development requires an environment where he or she can focus on learning. The home caregivers and family are part of this environment, so we empower them to reinforce learning by participating in the therapy sessions. Our behavior analyst and ABA Therapist will teach you evidence-based procedures and methods of responding to specific behaviors that may arise when our staff is not present.
    In addition to family training, we also handle your benefits and coverage checks and communicate them to you. Our organization has strong relationships with many health insurance companies. This allows us to ease the burden of administrative tasks from the family so they can focus on the child’s progress instead.
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