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Autism Services & In-Home ABA Therapy in Mesa, Arizona

  • At Advanced Autism Services, we are proud to provide Autism Services and In-home ABA Therapy in Mesa, Arizona. Our team of dedicated ABA professionals provides families in the Mesa area with Mesa-based In-Home ABA Care for kids on the Autism Spectrum, helping them develop important new skills and positive behaviors while replacing negative patterns.

    Our ABA Therapy and BCBA’s (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) are dedicated, passionate professionals who have a genuine interest in seeing the children they work with learn, grow and achieve their goals. Your child will have his or her own assigned ABA Therapist and BCBA who will work together to better understand the full scope of your child’s personal needs. We use proven principles and methods from Applied Behavior Analysis and the learning theory to provide a full range of In-Home ABA Therapy resources to our clients and their families. Possible triggers for negative behaviors are found in the child’s natural environments and are addressed. Applied methods are used to help your child improve their learning skills, communication and social skills, hygiene and day-to-day life skills of your child in ways that build on positive reactions and habits and help improve their overall quality of life.

    While your ABA Therapist works one-on-one with your child, they will also include you, the family and the entire caregiver networker to help infuse the learned principles in our Applied Behavior Analysis into the child’s daily life in an immersive manner. We offer ABA Therapy training for families in Mesa, Arizona, giving them the knowledge and power they need to apply some of our effective ABA Therapy methods in the child’s daily care.

  • ABA Therapy Behavior and Care Plans in Mesa

    An ABA Therapy professional and a dedicated BCBA will be assigned to work with your child individually. The BCBA oversees the ABA’s work, dissecting vital information garnered from the ABA Therapist’s sessions with your child that will help set the direction for your child’s goals and care plan. The ABA Therapist will administer assessments and one-on-one interactions that provide valuable insight to the BCBA. This helps in designing your child’s personal behavior plan. Applied Behavior Analysis techniques like positive reinforcement and task-based scheduling are utilized in the child’s Behavior Plan. The ABA Therapist will work towards establishing appropriate responses to social prompts your child may come face to face with, and teach your child how to adjust in significant social situations. Your child’s In-Home ABA Therapy in Mesa takes place in the comfort of the child’s own home with a dedicated therapist ensuring that the progress made in the sessions is preserved, supported and built upon by helping educate and train the family and other caregivers. We want families to be involved with the In-home Therapy sessions so we can foment developmental success for the longterm. Our staff can also work with the child’s educators, another big part of a child’s natural environments, creating a more immersive ABA Therapy experience and integrating the care plan into the child’s curriculums. This helps correct problematic behaviors faster and helps the principles and skills learned to be ingrained more permanently.
  • Advanced Autism Services in Mesa Helps with Behavior Challenges

    To help correct and improve negative behaviors your child could be displayed, we use Applied Behavior Analysis principles and Autism Therapy methods to help replace them with positive reactions and habits that will benefit their daily social interactions, learning experiences and more. We explore and observe the child’s environment to understand what could be triggering the negative behavior patterns. Research-backed methods rooted in the learning theory, such as positive reinforcements, are used to replace any negative behavior patterns with positive ones. Functional assessments, evaluations and one-on-one interactions with your child by the ABA Therapist provide valuable information to your assigned BCBA. This allows them to collaborate on a custom care plan designed around the specific needs and goals your child may have. Some of the behavior issues that can be corrected with our methods are:
    • Self-regulation issues
    • Social challenges including running away or hiding
    • Aggressive behavior including biting, kicking, throwing items, outbursts and more
    • Communication issues such as fragmented speech or a refusal to speak
    • Any other behaviors or habits that negatively impact your child’s ability to learn, have healthy social interactions with those around them and their right to the overall quality of life
  • What to Expect with In-Home ABA Care in Mesa?

    After you reach out to us with your information, you’ll be contacted by one of our team members. We’ll need to know about your child’s needs, their insurance status and benefits, medical history, and more. After this is complete, we’ll determine if your child is eligible for In-Home ABA Therapy in Mesa.

    Diagnostic Interviews explore the following:

    • Medical History
    • Family History
    • Developmental History
    • Behavior Patterns and the Environment
    • Specific Concerns

    Next, we assign your child a dedicated ABA Therapist and BCBA. The ABA Therapist will set up a day and time with you to come to your home to get to know the child and the family. We’ll start with initial assessments to get to become familiar with the environmental circumstances as well as your child’s personality and behavior patterns. The Behavior Technician coordinates a set schedule with you for more ABA Therapy sessions so your schedules are accommodated. You can choose intensive scheduling with 25 hours a week of In-Home ABA Therapy sessions or more over a stretch of 1-3 years. You can also choose to make it less intensive and frequent, depending on your individual needs. More periodic assessments will be made to track progress. Skills assessments will include evaluating play skills, social skills, learning and language skills. We work to provide In-Home ABA Care in Mesa that works with your lifestyle and specific goals.

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?