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Autism Services & In-Home ABA Therapy in Tempe, Arizona

  • We specialize in professional autism therapy services and In-Home ABA Therapy in Tempe, Arizona. Our team consists of experienced, passionate professionals that provide Tempe based In-Home ABA Care with the goal of helping Autistic children learn and develop new skills and positive behaviors that will replace problematic ones. We’re proud to say that our staff is comprised of knowledgeable, friendly and skilled ABA Therapists and BCBA’s (Board Certified Behavior Analysts). The ABA Therapist and the BCBA assigned to your child work as a team to fully understand what your child’s specific needs are.

    With our In-Home ABA Therapy resources, Applied Behavior Analysis and with proven methods rooted in the learning theory, we examine the environmental factors in your child’s natural spaces and pinpoint any possible triggers that could be present. Our work helps improve communication skills, learning skills, hygiene and day-to-day life skills through fomenting positive reactions and habits that will improve your child’s overall quality of life. Your assigned ABA Therapist also helps the child’s family and caregiver network understand the principles in our Applied Behavior Analysis and empower them by offering ABA Therapy training in for families in Tempe, Arizona. This allows the family members in the home to contribute in an educated way to the child’s growth.

  • ABA Therapy Behavior and Care Plans in Tempe

    Your child will have his or her own dedicated BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) and ABA Therapy assigned to them. The BCBA actively oversees the ABA’s work, gathering vital information from the ABA Therapist’s sessions with your child that will help your child’s individual goals be set and eventually, reached. The one-on-one attention your child gets and periodic evaluations will result in an individual behavior plan for your child. These plans are never one-size-fits-all and always have your child’s specific needs in mind. Positive reinforcement and task-based scheduling are just some of the Applied Behavior Techniques that will be used to support the care plan. Your child will learn appropriate responses to social prompts and healthy ways to adjust in significant social situations with the help of their personal ABA Therapist. Part of our complete In-Home ABA Therapy in Tempe includes the assigned ABA Therapist working closely with your child to implement the behavior and care plan in the comfort of your child’s own home and at school. We always encourage the family and caregivers to participate in In-home Therapy sessions so it creates a more well-rounded, impactful care plan experience. This aids the improvement of problematic behaviors to be more effective, to take place more quickly and for the improvements to be permanent.
  • Advanced Autism Services in Tempe Helps with Behavior Challenges

    Your child’s behavior challenges are addressed through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis principles. We help your child develop and improve their social interactions, learning experiences and more. We first take a look at the child’s environment to better understand why and how any problematic behavior happens, identifying any triggers that may be occurring. We then implement strategies like positive reinforcements to replace those negative behavior patterns. Your ABA Therapist and your BCBA go over the data collected from the functional assessments and one-on-one interactions with your child and they formulate a custom care plan designed with the individual needs of your child as the central focus. Behavior challenges we work to improve include:
    • Self-regulation issues
    • Social challenges including running away or hiding
    • Aggressive behavior including biting, kicking, throwing items, outbursts and more
    • Communication issues such as fragmented speech or a refusal to speak
    • Any other behaviors or habits that negatively impact your child’s ability to learn, have healthy social interactions with those around them and their right to the overall quality of life
  • What to Expect with In-Home ABA Care in Tempe?

    Once you send us your information, you’ll hear from one of our team members. We’ll need to know more about your child’s specifications, their insurance status and benefits, medical history, and more. Next, we’ll determine if your child is eligible for In-Home ABA Therapy in Tempe.

    Diagnostic Interviews explore the following:

    • Medical History
    • Family History
    • Developmental History
    • Behavior Patterns and the Environment
    • Specific Concerns

    Your child will have a dedicated ABA Therapist assigned to them who will coordinate a day and time to come to your home to meet them and your family. We start with initial assessments to get to know the environmental circumstances and your child’s personality and behavior patterns. The Behavior Technician will proceed to coordinate an ABA Therapy session schedule with you. Session scheduling and frequency can be as you like: for example, you can schedule 25 hours a week of In-Home ABA Therapy sessions or more over a stretch of 1-3 years. Or you can make it less intensive and frequent, depending on your specific needs. More periodic assessments will be made to track progress. Skills assessments will include evaluating play skills, social skills, learning and language skills. We work to provide In-Home ABA Care in Tempe that works with your lifestyle and specific goals.

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?